Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From the Ground Up: Socks

I know this might be a bit weird. You might be thinking "How can you do a whole post on socks?" Well let me tell you, there are a few rules about socks, but this is going to be one of my shorter posts. Here are four rules to remember when wearing socks:

  1. White at the gym, Black & Gray everywhere else White socks are alright to wear 24/7 when you're little, but now it's time to upgrade your wardrobe. There are plenty of places to buy black and gray socks. I bought a bundle of gray socks at H&M that have a colored stripe around the top to keep them in pairs.
  2. Spice it up with some color Never be afraid to buy bold colors. Especially now with men dressing up everyday, it doesn't hurt to be bold. If I saw someone rest their foot on the knee and I saw a bright red sock, I wouldn't be like "Dude, slow your row". I would like "That's what's up!" and give him a high-five. 
  3. Matching never hurt It never hurts to match your socks with a pocket square or with your tie. It will show people not only did you take the time to put this outfit together, but that you thought ahead of time to buy colors that coordinate.
  4. No socks? A very new trend is to rock dress shoes with no socks. Certain shoes look good without socks so use this lightly. If perfected, you will look super clean.
That's all I have on socks. I told you it would be a shorter post. Feel free to leave a comment with thoughts or other suggestions.

Monday, June 25, 2012

From the Ground Up: Shoes

Seeing as this series is called "From the Ground Up", I thought it would be fitting to start with the first thing that hits the pavement when you step outside. In my opinion, shoes can make or break anything you wear. You can get away with buying almost anything else from anywhere, but if you cheap out on shoes, people will notice.
Nowhere is your taste and social background so neatly summarized as in your choice of shoe. It is single most important part of your image, the root from which your projected self grows. Large numbers of single women judge prospective male partners rapidly and solely by looking at their feet. -Russell Smith, co-found of DailyXY 
The one shoe every man should own is a black lace-up. You can dress it up or dress it down; it'll work with everything from jeans to suits.   -GQ 
I tend to go a bit over board on this subject solely because this is my favorite aspect of fashion (along with jackets). I stepped away from my computer for a second and counted how many pairs of shoes I own. They totaled to 3 pairs of dress shoes, a pair of boat shoes, 14 pairs of athletic shoes (8 of which I wear on a regular basis) and a pair of flip-flops. Now I definitely do not think that all men need to have quite as much versatility in their collection, but there are a few must haves. Here are 4 shoes that are necessities to a man's wardrobe:

  1. Dress - All men need to at least one pair of formal dress shoes. I recommend more, but it's not necessary. The pair that you must have are black oxfords. I went with Florsheim Broxton Black Oxfords. My Grandfather Chester wore Florsheim's, his father wore  Florsheim's and I intend to keep that tradition. 
  2. Athletic - All men need a few pair of athletic shoes. If you are active, which I highly recommend to everyone, you'll need at least one pair for the gym/running. You should also have a pair of casual athletic shoes. Depending on your job, you may have to wear your Oxfords all week, but you should have a pair of athletic for the weekend when you want to dress nice while running errands. I must note though, you should not be wearing your work out shoes are your casual shoes. Keep each pair of shoes for their own task. 
  3. Beach - Boat shoes are very much in style this summer. Flip-flops are nice for the beach, but if you'd like something that lets your feet breathe on those 90+ degree days, I recommend a nice pair of Dockers or Sperry's.
  4. Protective - All men should have at least one pair of boots. I'm not in love with the boots I have, but I'm very glad I bought them. I live in Ohio. So on those crazy days where it goes from being 50 degrees to a snow storm the next day, it's nice to have shoes that won't get ruined/damaged in the tundra.
Like I said earlier, it's nice to have variation, but the four above are the only necessities in my opinion. What do you think? Is there a style I left out? Let me know in the comments. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

From the Ground Up: Intro

I was watching something on my DVR the other day and for some reason I didn't fast forward through a set of commercials for some unknown reason, but it happened to play into my favor. A commercial came on with a women who wandered the streets talking to men about their attire. Now that I think about it, I should go back through my DVR and see who she was. Any who, she was interviewing away and she asked "Does the man make the clothes? Or do the clothes make the man?" and the man chuckled and responded "The man makes the clothes." So with out further to do, I am kicking of a series called "From the ground up!"

The goal of these posts are to teach men how to build outfits and do so with class. I will be breaking down the importance of each piece of wardrobe and explaining their strengths in outfits from the perspective. I have seen far too many people walking around in pajama buttoms. The new trend in men's fashion is to dress up a bit before you step out of the house. That way no matter where you happen to go that day, you'll never be under dress. As I have stated before, it also makes you feel more confident about yourself. Feel free to subscribe and follow us on Facebook / Twitter to keep up with the posts. Also leave us a comment telling us the foundations for your outfit building.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Date Night: Formal

I was reading an article on "Art of Manliness" website on my break at work the other day. The article was called "How to Remember a Person's Name". I highly recommend you read it. This got my creative juices. So today I'm going to incorporate both fashion advice and tips on sophistication in one post. You'll understand after you read, so bare with me!

Here are my tips on assembling a dinner date outfit (Since I've never assembled an outfit for a woman going on a dinner date, I can't really give advice. Maybe I'll tell Meg to write a sequel. Hint hint):
  1. Dress with Respect. For starters, it will make you feel more confident and if you're confident, you're comfortable which makes the whole atmosphere more laid back and less awkward. It also shows that you respect yourself and your date. So all around win-win.
  2. It MUST have buttons If you're wearing something to a dinner date that doesn't have buttons, you are doing something wrong. T-shirts are not formal. Button ups are the first choice, but if that's not your style, at least grab your self a nice polo.
  3. Jeans are acceptable This one really depends on the intensity of the date. I'd say almost all dates are appropriate for jean wearing, but if you're going out with the parents or to a wedding, step it up. That's a no brainer.
  4. Ties are your friend If you're rocking the smooth, fitted button, you're the man. But what can take you up a notch? Rock a slick, skinny tie. But don't tie it ultra tight, wear it loose and you'll be on a whole other level. If you purchase the right size shirt and the appropriate tie, you basically have just purchased the comfiest outfit ever. Most guys hate dressing up and could never understand that last statement. Let me tell you if you go to a tailor and get measured, you'll experience it.
After I finished the article, I happened to look through the first couple of comments and there was one in particular that caught my eye. It was by user who went by Matt and it said this:
My girlfriend sometimes laughs at me, but I like to know the name of my waiter/waitress when eating out, so the first thing I’ll do after they walk away is say aloud to her: “Our waitress’ name is Katie”. (Though ideally, I say the real name, and not just ‘Katie’, haha)
If I didn’t catch the name, I’ll ask her, because after about 10 seconds she’s already forgotten and moved on to the menu. She doesn’t appreciate the importance of knowing (and using) a person’s name, so she doesn’t even listen or pay attention most times. But if I want her help, I know I need to ask as soon as the waitress walks away.
It’s definitely a way of getting better service to use their name if you need to grab their attention. Most people appreciate being called by name, rather than “hey, waiter!”, although it’s not 100% crucial. I still find it’s a good habit to keep, and have been making a conscious effort to remember names when I meet someone, ever since high school. (Because hey, it’s part of becoming a man, in my opinion, to show respect for others)
This brings me to my tip of sophistication for todays post. I think everyone should try to take Matt's approach to being a gentleman (Ladies can partake too!). I have personally used this method for a while now, even before I saw this, and it works like a charm. There is one particular incident that comes to mind.

I was out at a restaurant with my mother and my sister. I had come straight from work and was running a bit late. My mother had ordered a drink for me, but she didn't know what I was planning to eat. I got there and a few moments later our server noticed I had arrived. She came over and took my order. When she started to walk away, I made eye contact and said "Thank you, Nicole" (I can not remember her name now, but we'll call her Nicole for the sake of the story). The rest of the meal was excellent. We had no problems with our orders and she came back several times to check on us. It's the little things that make a big impact.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. What's your strategy to getting ready for a dinner date? Do you make a habit of learning the server's name? Or does all that sound ridiculous to you? I can't wait to see what you guys think!

Friday, June 15, 2012

SPF Awesome

Editors Note: Written by Meg Kraft

The Predicate Attire team welcomes this beautiful summer weather with open arms! Mid-June’s sweltering heat is to thank for forcing stylish summer trends upon us including crop top graphic tees, layered loose racer-back tank tops and high waist denim. Whether you’re grabbing a bite downtown or walking the shore of Lake Erie, an important summer attire accessory to remember is eyewear. Hoping not to sound too Mom-ish, many of us forget how harmful the sun’s rays can be. Sure, we may swipe on some SPF 8 before we walk out the door, but don’t let sun screen be your only protectant against the sun.  Keeping your retinas, corneas, & all the other eye parts can be done with Predicate Attire’s style of class and elegance. Browse our favorite eyewear picks and pick up a pair of your own! 

How could anyone deny these classic Blues Brothers iconic lenses? While the black frames are style at it’s most refined, this summer Ray-Ban released many new options for men. A tortoise shell colored frame is modern and goes with any ensemble you put together. Speaking from experience, the price is worth every penny for outstanding quality and comfort.

These Dolce & Gabbana frames are ultra-edgy, creative and a breath of fresh air. With wide lenses and a squared frame, this pair is both classy and provocative; the blazer of eyewear. Easily dressed up for a high fashion evening, or down for a casual date, the style of this shades promote a wearable look for any face.

If you’re fashionable enough to rock these, kudos to you. This cat-eye/classic framed hybrid is available in a few neutral colors, perfect for customizing your look. The best part about these spotlight stealers? They fold up  in multiple forms so you have a smaller chance of breaking them!

Ladies, if you love a huge frame but want to ditch the bug-eye look, go for a simple oversized frame like these, via Ralph Lauren. The tortoise frame and light gray lenses make for an all American look, sending you waves of style.

This sassy pair of DKNY sunglasses embody a young, party-going fashionista. The leopard print ceramic styled frame is an exotic twist on your go-to shades, but keep a neutral hue so you can still rock them with any outfit.

Oakleys aren’t just for the men. This pair of innovative shades is a best-selling pair of women’s eyewear! The oversized bulk portrays this “I’m just gonna grab my board and hit the Pacific” type of California style.

Cover up with a pair of these featured frames and look exceptionally elegant in summer style. I also hear that Predicate Attire/Beat the World tees protect your back and abdomen pretty well. SPF Awesome. Just saying.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Subtle Beauty

I know this is quite like my usual post. Usually I have a 4-5 bullet point system with an intro and conclusion, but that's not today's set-up. I had the pleasure of photographing a good friend of mine and her choice of fashion isn't necessarily conventional, but it is unique, sophisticated and I quite enjoy it. She shows her beauty in subtle ways, not by being promiscuous. She employs class in her wardrobe and that's the definition of Predicate. Everyone in fashion could use a dose of being subtle. (Side note: The floral dress she has on? She made it.)

If you'd like to see more of these photos, you can visit my website

Friday, June 8, 2012

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service!

Photo by Alex Hitchens

If you are anywhere near Ohio, we are, you have probably heard about the Horseshoe. It is Ohio's first casino and it just opened at the begin of last month. As you may have heard or read, the Casino is cracking down on dress code and proper behavior. I like the way the Cleveland Plain Dealer put it--
The rules seem to be aimed at younger casino patrons, who must be at least 21 to enter, and mimics a set enforced by the adjacent Tower City Center mall.
The casino code also bans running, vandalism and other inappropriate behavior and restricts seating in the food court to paying customers. And while patrons can continue to wear ball caps, hoods can cover heads only in the poker room, where players want help in masking their demeanor.
Patrons must wear "appropriate" clothing, including shoes and shirts. Clothing cannot display offensive pictures or phrases.
I'm a little "peeved", if you will, with my city. I understand that a casino is a place for be to cut loose and have freedom, but have a bit of class. These rules should be implied. They shouldn't have to be enforced because the people of this great city should know better than to do these things. When I think of any high-end luxury environment, I think of these quality gentlemen in movies. I think of people like Downey in that scene at the beginning of Iron Man or Clooney & Pitt in Oceans 11. If I were to go to one of these places, I'd be getting excited because I have an excuse to get dressed all dapper. But hey, that's just me.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, even if you're not from Cleveland. Do you think the casino is over reacting by enforcing a dress code and a set of rules? (I know I probably over reacted, but that's only because this is my city.)

To read the article that the Plain Dealer published, click here

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being a Man of Class

There are several things you could be thinking based on the image above..

  1. This is a fashion blog, not a place for movie reviews.
  2. That movie came out years ago.
  3. That scene from Up was fantastic!
All of those are valid responses (especially the last one). I was thinking the other day about what the concept of this blog is. It's not really all about fashion. The idea of Predicate is to have sophistication in what you wear. So the theme of the blog should be mainly fashion, but also about other acts of class. This being one of the others. 

If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it. Although it is a quality film, I'll only be writing about a small section of it. Before you continue this post, I recommend watching this

I know this isn't a true story, but I feel that the message of this small portion of the film should be applied to every man's life. Not only to married men, but men in any type of relationship. So here are my four tips on being a man of class in a relationship:

  1. Your goal is her happiness. I'm not saying to be constantly asking her "Are you happy? What can I do for you? Did I do alright?" That would annoy anyone. My thing is that we need to pick up on subtle hints more (I say "we" because I need to work on it too). The small things are noticed the most and they can make a big difference in how a woman feels. 
  2. Put yourself in her shoes. If you're like me, you can get annoyed easily by persistence. I think one of the things that helps me calm down and become more rational is to think of it from their perspective. Grace is a wonderful thing that everyone could give a bit more of.
  3. Chivalry is not dead. I don't care if you're married, in a relationship or single. Chivalry is undoubtedly the best way to be a gentleman. Little things like holding the door for women makes them feel good about themselves.
  4. Enjoy! You're in relationship with someone who, most likely, loves to be around you. Don't take that for granted. That is one of my biggest flaws. When I'm in relationships, I get bogged down by being in a "relationship routine" that I forget to enjoy the person I'm with. 
There are many, many more things that men can do to be a gentleman. These are just a view of the things that I think are important. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think is important for men to do in relationships.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Past Isn't All Bad

As I look back, especially on my high school years, my style wasn't that great. I had long, untamed hair. I wore all black. I had roughly 5/7 t-shirts that I wore in rotation under the same hooded sweatshirt every day. To sum it up I had no clue what I was doing and took advice from no one, but that's high school, right? As I got older I grew out it, but there's one key thing I learned from it. Don't always follow the trend.

Would I go back and do things differently? Most likely. I'm more clean cut now than I was before, but I still think I have a bit of an edge because of my nature to distance my style from "trendy" looks. So here are five of my personal tips to look current, but stay unique:

  1. Solid colors are your friend. This is a personal philosophy, but I think it's one that most people would agree with. You can never go wrong with solid colors. This applies to tees, button ups, cardigans, pants, etc.
  2. Button Ups aren't always formal. No matter how comfortable you are wearing anything out in public, it never hurts to look presentable. I find that I'm treated nicer and taken more seriously if I dress up a bit. This doesn't mean you have to grab lunch in a suit, but a button up shirt works wonders. If you feel the need, work a loose tie with it. 
  3. Be selective in your footwear. Shoes are an vital part of a man's wardrobe. The first thing people tend to notice are shoes. They notice not only how they are kept, but what they are and how well they go with what you're wearing. In short, all black oxfords for formal and pair of casual loafers (I rock a pair of all black jazz shoes from Urban Outfitter.). As far as athletic shoes, I recommend having two to three pair.
  4. Keep accessories to a minimum. A nice watch or wristband can work wonders for an outfit, but don't over do it. Save the five Jesus chains for Kanye. My advice.. Rock a nice watch and a casual tribal style wristband. Both are very current and subtle, but accents any outfit well. (Check out Meg's post on Spring Trends & Accessories.)
  5. Bathe. It sounds incredibly weird as a fashion tip, but it's the truth. Cleanliness might be the most important key to fashion.. to me at least. You'll look and smell better which ties back to my point about being taken more seriously. If people think that you take yourself seriously, they'll do the same.

Most of the tips I listed are mainly for casual occasions. I've seen far too many people who are out in public in their pajamas. I just think that you should get dressed in the morning, look in the mirror and feel confident in what you're wearing. I follow the tips above and that's how they effect me.

Post written by: Thomas Sawyer (C) 2012, Predicate Attire

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stop Sex Slavery with Music!

If you want some new tunes and you are as infuriated about sex trafficking as we are, than go buy some music and help stop this injustice!

To find out more about the cause:

To purchase the shirt seen above, click here!

(C) 2012, Predicate Attire

Talented Youth in the Industry

Editors Note: Written by Meg Kraft

Predicate Attire is run by a team of young, innovated & talented individuals. We pride ourselves on ambition, class, and a successful line of style. As the industry grows, fashionable candidates of young Hollywood stand out while their talents prosper.
Lara Jade is a 21 year old fashion photographer specializing in portraits and high fashion shoots. She started shooting at the ripe age of 14, often losing job opportunities due to her youth. Her experience soon matched her exquisite talent as her work graced countless magazine covers including Elle, Michigan Avenue, Masquerade, and Photography Monthly. She continues to succeed in photography as well as modeling, inspiring young teens abroad.

Chanel Iman is a beautiful 21 year old, half Korean, half African-American gazelle. She began rocking the runway as a 13 year old Georgia native, walking in Christian Dior’s haute couture show. As she’s matured, Iman has become one of the newest Victoria’s Secret angels as well as appearing in advertising campaigns for DKNY, Express, and Ralph Lauren.
Alexander Wang, a 24 year old American designer, began following his dream at age 18. He launched his first collection in 2007, immediately drawing attention from some of the world’s highest ranking retailers including Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman. He was awarded a $200,000 CFDA Fashion Fund Award via Vogue, enough to start his own youthful, successful line, Alexander Wang.
Cedric Rivrain is a young, french fashion illustrator sketching collections of masterpieces for John Galliano and Martine Sitbon. He started sketching at age 18 and his work has blossomed into incredible works of art. He continues to sketch for his close friends and a variety high-fashion brands.

These young and ambitious fashion forward folk inspire us at Predicate to continue to follow our dreams and create elegant wear for our customers.

Post written by: Meg Kraft (C) 2012, Predicate Attire

Spring Trends & Accessories

Editors Note: Written by Meg Kraft

Every time you throw on your Predicate Attire, you represent a brand created with class and refined style. As you style your tee with a blazer and your dark wash denim, fulfill predlife fashion-forward requirements with the highest quality of spring trends and accessories.

As seen on the runway by DSqaured2 and Calvin Klein, many spring men’s wear collections are set in hues of salmon, taupe and charcoal. Keep your footwear on point with the latest releases via Aldo Shoes. Whether you rock a lace-up, high-top, boat shoe or sneaker, your steps will be taken in style.

Men’s wrist-wear is becoming incredibly popular this year, prompting the newest Michael Kors line of watches to be released for spring. Ceramic, leather, chain-link and fabric bands are offered with a variety of oversized faces.

Along with watches come bracelets, bangles and cuffs. For high quality wrist-wear to accessorize your Predicate Attire, browse the Armani Exchange collection of jewelry.

The spring shades department is ruled by none other than Ray-Ban. Amongst their wide variety of way-farer frames and aviators, the emerging style is the hybrid; an oversized clubmaster frame. 

Stay fashion-forward on the go with a reoccurring trend, the canvas backpack. The broad style and durable fabric takes this trend from bookish backpack to modern canvas carrier. 

Blumarine and Emilio Pucci collections suggest turquoise and beige as any women’s spring style staple. After you pair your Predicate tee with some high waist denim, browse Aldo Shoes for suede hues with height or turquoise gladiators. 

MK’s line of women’s wrist-wear is perfect for any occasion. Dress up your Predicate Attire with a diamond studded oversized ceramic face or a braided chain link band. The ivory color stand out against spring break/summer tans.   

Extended arm cuffs and bangles are the quickest way to take your style up a notch. They give your ensemble a hint of bohemian detail and metallic flair. 

Ray-Ban wayfarer frames will be the shades leader this season. For women, the collapsible tortoise shell frames are edgy and durable; perfect for carelessly stashing at the bottom of your tote.

A color-blocked box bag is a fresh alternative to any shoulder bag. For a more neutral carrier, faux leather taupe totes can be paired with any style.  

Grab your Predicate attire & get your spring styles on point with runway inspired trends and accessories.

Post written by: Meg Kraft (C) 2012, Predicate Attire

Fine Dining at a Friends

I recently spent some time at a friend’s house and he showed me this book. I thoroughly encourage partaking in fine dining, but you can obtain as much, if not more, sophistication that comes along with high class dining without leaving your kitchen. I haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in any of these receipts, but based off these photos, I can’t wait too!

Post written by: Thomas Sawyer (C) 2012, Predicate Attire

Spring Runway 2012 Inspiration

Editors Note: Written by Meg Kraft

Predicate Attire upholds a certain style standard.
Living the predlife is about turning the road to success into an enlightened path of poise, ending at complete satisfaction and style. Living the Predlife is about refining simplicity, class, and creativity into one. When the art of fashion aims to inspire, runway shows become the gallery. The following Spring Runway 2012 collections are what our team considers Predlife advocates.

Akris’ spring line incorporates pastel color blocking, sheer cuts, and fresh faces.
This collection clearly reflects upon a woman’s features, bumping the line without crossing it. Spotlighting angles of the body becomes a new trend this spring, opting for straight legged pants, low cut blazers and pin-straight frocks.

Lacroix is the versatile chameleon.
Always proving consistency false, this collection showcases a distinguished, posh angle as opposed to the outrageous trends that Lacroix undoubtedly pulls off. Feminine pieces are added to each masculine ensemble, including skinny fitted capris, paisley, and floral patterns. Christian completes another intelligently designed collection with whit and eccentricity.

Ralph Lauren is always accountable for wearable, fresh ensembles. 
What sets the spring collection apart is the use of a white and silver color pallet as well as paying homage to the 192o’s era with safe lengths and vintage fringe. The detail executed amongst jumpsuits and dresses is what keeps the line inventive and distinctive.

Lacoste is a respected, integrated hybrid.
The men’s line usually plays it safe in a sophisticated manner, but the spring collection introduces pops of color and voluntary layering. Overcoats morph into a more casual top layer accompanying solid v-necks, high tops and pleated shorts. Stay clean cut with navy and gray pieces, or refresh your wardrobe with color blocked sweaters and henleys.

Fendi protects its reputation as the showboat
This collection is perfected with whimsical shapes, innovative forms, and unusual pattern combinations. The line replicates a bit of 1950’s housewife with knee length skirts and matching blazers.  Each look, completely different from the last, yet somehow the flow of the line is uninterrupted.

Calvin Klein is the king of perfecting the fundamentals.
The spring collection is all about getting back to the basics of menswear; fitted polos, detailed blazers, and cultured suits. Patterned ensembles and hip accessories keep this collection level-headed yet still resourceful. For the faint of fashion and shyly styled, Calvin Klein is just enough class mixed with the right amount of couture.

Post written by: Meg Kraft (C) 2012, Predicate Attire