Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Love, Family, Food, Chukkas & Chinos: An Interview with Ta-Ku

Well I know you from your music, but tell me a little about you. 


Perth, Australia.

Health insurance suit by day. Producer by night.

Love, Family, Food, Chukkas & Chinos.

Lets chat a bit about your music. Whats your set up? Was there a musician who used this gear that made you want to take this route? My current set-up is very simple. I use Fruity Loops and Cool edit pro. I have a microkorg and also a midi. When I first started making beats, Fruity Loops was the first tool I wanted to use - I know that many beat makers start off with Fruity. Its a great program. Ive never been able to stop using it. Down the track I know that others like 9th Wonder & Hudmo also use Fruity.

What was your first experience in music? Both as a listener and as a musician. 
My pops always had a great record collection. Growing up to Motown and 70's rock. He would always sing around the house as a kid. My cousin and homie growing up in high school exposed me to hip hop and r&b, after that the internet aided me with all other discoveries.

What style would you say that your music is? 
Thats a real hard one to answer as I like to make so many different styles. BUT Ive always called my music SOUL music.

Do you see your style of music personified in what you wear or how you act? 
Oh most definitely - music and lifestyle/fashion has always intertwined. I think that is whats great about music. It helps form a sort of identity, but I also think Im generalizing. Music isnt about image at all - BUT its funny that you can nearly always tell what kind of music an individual is into when you look at their kit haha.

What can we expect next from Ta-Ku? Any short-term or longer-term plans for your music? 
I have some exciting releases coming up! The most recent being a FREE EP with Live For The Funk blog. They are great dudes with an awesome passion for music. I cant wait to share it with everyone. Down the track I have some releases with Suff Daddy, Miles Bonny, Chet Faker coming up!

Very cool! Well keep an eye out for your new stuff. Thanks for taking the time to do this with us!

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