Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Quick Interview from a Youthful Designer

Editor's Note: Photography by Adam Weinburg

Tell me about yourself. 
Hi! My name is Jena Kane and I reside in Brooklyn, New York.  As an occupation, I am a graphic designer for apparel- which means I design both graphics and prints for clothing, as well as sketch and come up with new concepts for construction of clothes and work on trend direction as well. I mostly work in the juniors/women's sportswear/knitwear realm. 

What is your main purpose in life? 

I'd say the act of creating is what pretty much defines me. I live for it. If I cannot create, even if just on the smallest scale, I get sad, anxious and feel very empty. Drawing and painting and making things has been such a part of my daily life since I was a kid, it's just what drives me. If I'm not doing it I'm usually thinking about it.

What made you start creating art?
Nothing made me do it, I just started at a young age and it was always very natural to me. Perhaps having 2 creative parents enabled this.

How would your life be different if you had never taken up art? 

I would be a different person altogether if I did not do any kind of art or design.  It is so integrated into my personality and thoughts that I don't know who I would be if it wasn't what I did. The only thing I would have changed if I could go back in time was be more open to the idea of people liking my work or me. When I was younger because many friends or peers did not have the same interests, it caused me to feel self conscious/feel like i was weird, and eventually caused me to develop low self-esteem. 

What are you hoping to accomplish with everything you do? Well hopefully I will continue in both my career in the design field and, more importantly, continue my never-ending journey and learning process of creating art on my own. 

Where can we see some of your stuff? I have pieces that are sold in stores like Macy's and Forever 21 and in my spare time, I make jewelry for my online shop, The Lost Pony.

To visit Jena's store, please go to
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