Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where Are We Going? : A Look Into the Future

I have spent a great deal of time pondering the question of "Where are we going?" I wasn't too sure on where this blog should head. My posting has become irregular and my schedule is filling quickly. I know I could blame my posting being so inconsistent on work or school or some other excuse, but I really think the reason is because there was never an established purpose. Everything needs to being accomplishing something or it wouldn't exist.

Define Yourself! This has been our motto since day one. The original thought was "Don't be defined by what you wear." and Predicate, being non-genre specific, would help you brake out of a stereotype. This is still true, but not only are you defined by what you wear, you are also defined by your actions.

The next step! This blog will now not only be fashion based. From now on it will be about people who define themselves through music, food, fashion, tattoos, writing, anything! There will be posts interviewing people about how they define themselves, posts on new hobbies/activities you can try, and of course there will be more fashion tips and advice posts.

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