Tuesday, October 9, 2012

But Really Though, its TOPE

My name is Anthony Anderson aka TOPE a rapper/producer from Portland, Oregon, signed to Amigo/Amiga Records, 1/2 of Living Proof, and 1/3 of TxE. I enjoy Polo Sport and iced coffee. 

What aspect of your life would you say defines you the most? 
In my opinion, the aspects of my life that define me the most are my work ethic and passion for music.

How does it define you? 
I've always had to work hard for everything I wanted, even as a kid, and I think some drive has carried over to my music career today. All I do is music, which at times keep me from having healthy relationships and friendships, but its what I love to do. I've put 4 projects this year so far, and I'm working on 5 and 6 currently.

What was the turning point? Was there a point in your life where you starting spitting verses or was it a gradual process? I've always had a strong love for music, but I never wanted to make music or rap until I saw my friend do it in high school for the first time. There was a kid on my basketball team that made beats and rapped but nobody ever heard him. So one day we all we're bugging him until he finally rapped a verse, and when he did I immediately knew it was something I wanted to do myself. Rapping was just something we did for fun in high school, and having a group with a couple of my friends kept me motivated and writing songs because we performed at a little open mic event every few months. I never really took my music that serious until my mom passed away and then after sometime I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. I think my life could be completely different if I never started making music. Its kept me out of a lot of trouble (got me into a little as well lol), put a little money in my pocket, and given me memories I'll never forget.

Looking back is there anything about this that you would have avoided? 
Looking back there are a lot of situations I should have avoided - bad business deals or lack of business deals, rushed music, bad shows, etc. 

How will you take these experiences and move forward?
I always try to take something positive from every situation, so I've learned a lot through negative situations with regards on how to handle myself and brand in the future. These days I'm pretty careful about shows and management deals, most of the time I like being able to handle my business directly.

Anything else you’d like to say regarding this aspect of your life? 
Big shout out to Predicate for reaching out. Be sure to check out my new album Until The Next Time We Meet on iTunes, visit my website itsTOPE.com, check out a music video on youtube, and be on the lookout for TxE - Tetherball this October!

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