Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Falling for Predicate Attire: Fall Fashion from our Fashionista

Editor's Note: Post Written by Meg Kraft of Fashionably Meg

“Nothing left behind is better than what is to come.” It’s finally time to lay Summer 2012 to rest. After a good couple of months filled with sunshine, high waist denim, pastel color-blocking, and peplum waistlines, the time must come for us to wave goodbye. As heartbroken as you may be, a whirlwind of trends is waiting for you right around the corner. Pre-fall collections are unveiling piece by piece as New York Fashion Week is well on its way. A common theme is the ever intriguing underground glamour. Grungy kicks mixed with sequin bandeaus and leather leggings makes for a daring combination, just the type of look to follow up summer’s sweet shapes and prissy colors. A familiar fad will be the graphic crossover; dangerously clashing patterns and uber opposite pieces thrown together for a high fashion finish. To return to campus looking chic, pick up some Predicate Attire and make the walk to class your runway.

Men, start off with the fall staples; Polo zip-ups, suede Nikes and Armani accessories. Who says you can’t rock white after Labor Day? Kick that legend to the curb with a pair of slim fit bottoms to round out your style.

Ladies, it’s time to channel your inner badass. Pick up a pair of skin tight liquid leggings to pair with your highest wedge heels and the No Tamed Lion limited edition tank! Limited accessories will keep the focus on your edgy ensemble.

The secret to perfecting underground glamour is styling an equal amount of girly and unkempt. Take your traditional high-low silk skirt and layer it over Predicate’s Lake Symphony tee. For added flavor, glitter Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots and a preppy necklace complete the chic.

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