Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NY. Photog. Enough Said.: Adam Weinberg

Editor's Note: All Photographs by Adam Weinberg

Hey, Adam! I know a little about you through Jena, who we recently interviewed, but tell me a bit about yourself! I'm Adam, a freelance filmmaker / photographer living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's hard to narrow down my list of hobbies, but they include recording ambient dance music, tracing concentrated watercolors with the finest tipped micron pens, and scavenging eBay for 1950s Russian M39 lenses.

How did you get involved in photography/video? How long have you been doing it? Was there a significant person or thing that got you doing this? I realized I wanted to be a filmmaker when I went to see "The Score" with Robert DeNiro and Ed Norton; while watching it all I could think about was that this piece of trash had a $68,000,000 budget and I could make a better film with none. Near the end of the movie the film negative caught on fire due to a projector malfunction and I took it as a sign from God I should pursue a career in movie making.

That’s an incredible story! Most people’s story tends to have a blurred transition; I like how straight forward yours is. So you left the theater and became a movie maker . Now what kind of work do you do? It changes every week. I've worked as an editor on TV shows for BBC America and A&E, shot internal-use corporate videos for clients as varied as Starbucks and pharmaceutical companies, and have shot photos for large concert blogs and weddings. Over the past year I've spent a lot of time working with ironic T-shirt models as the photographer for BustedTees.com.

Sounds like a pretty successful start to me! Being the nerd that I am, I’m always interested in the technology people use. What kind of gear do you use? I've made my living for the past 4 years mostly with the Canon 5D MKII, it's a beast. You can get better still cameras and you can get better video cameras, but it's tough to find a better hybrid still and video camera. The RAW files have incredible latitude at ISO 100 and the high ISO low-light performance is great for someone who prefers the aesthetic of natural light.

Well, Adam, thanks for taking time to sit down with us! Keep us in the loop when you release new projects, we are always looking for more art!

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