Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Strategy for Success

I have been doing quite a lot of interviews lately, so I decided to take a step back from that and write something on my own. A lot has been going on lately with work, school, running a clothing line/this blog and trying to stay decently social, so I deciding to share my strategy.. It's pretty much five easy steps.

1) Do what you love to do. I know some people might say "Well I'm in school.." or "I have to work to provide.." What I mean by "Do what you love" is that there needs to be some aspect of what you do that brings you joy. If your occupation is your dream job, congrats! You made it! If your job is a stepping stone to something greater, make it worth your while. Find a part of your work that brings you happiness. You wouldn't believe how fulfilling it is just to make someone smile. If you are a waitress, try to get to know the regulars. If you're a bank teller, ask people how there day is.. and mean it. The littlest things can make the biggest impact.

2) Set goals. Like I said in the previous point.. If you aren't living out your dream, strive to accomplish it. Three years ago, all I had was a little spitball of any idea for a clothing line and now I have my own line! Is it exactly where I want it to be right now? No, but it's on its way! There is nothing in the world like the feeling you get when you accomplish something you set out to do. I found that writing down my goals and looking at them roughly 4 times a year helps keep me focused and encouraged. I used Art of Manliness' post on Creating a Blueprint for your Future (Ladies, it may as "manliness", but setting goals isn't just for men.)

3) Follow Through. You need to have a firm foundation. If you have great goals in place, but never follow through on them you won't get anywhere. Try to take baby steps with goals. If you dive right into things, you can drown and that'll leave you worse off than before. Set small goals and work your way up.

4) Relax. You always need to take time to unwind every now and again. There is always something to worry about so what's the point of getting worked up over something. Even if you worry about something so much that it magically fixes itself, you'll just move on to the next thing. This doesn't mean we should put off everything because we have an excuse too. I am far to guilty of this. I use relaxing from work as an excuse to put off school work.. Not good.

5) Surround yourself with good people. I wouldn't be nearly close to where I am today if it wasn't for the people around me. I have such a supportive, creative group of friends that push me to be the best in what I do. You can't do things by yourself, you need to be around people who will make you the best you.

That's pretty much my strategy in everything. Feel free to respond and tell me what you think. I'd love to here your strategy. Don't forget to link us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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