Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Foster's Land For Imaginary Friends

Editor's Note: All Photographs by tomcsawyer

Who is Foster? 
Foster, 19 years of age, from North Royalton, Ohio, Christian, addicted to frosting and brownies and all things creative.

How does your art and faith define you? 
My faith is something that’s a huge part in my life.  I continue to grow everyday.  I grew up in a Christian home but sometimes you can take that for granted.  As you get older you start to understand much more about your faith and the world around you.  And the same applies with your art too.  I remember me and my brother Alan were talking about how much we’ve dug ourselves a hole with our music. We both agreed that it’s really underground and strange for most people and then it has too many references about our faith for other people.  He recently had an interview where he talks about our album way more in depth than this. 

But I love all types of music and all types of art too.  If I’m in the photography mode, I practice that.  If I want to make videos, I do that.  Same with design and stuff too. Man I wish I could draw too lol. My other brother Ryan is really good at that. All my stuff I do is behind the scenes. Basically I think we all need God’s glory and that’s why we create or do anything.  Duncan Clan Productions // Foster's Land for Imaginary Friends

How would you be different without it? 

I wouldn't know what to do!

What are you aspirations for the future? 
Whatever God has for me. I'd love to inspire and help people. I like to look back on all the things I've done or experienced and ask the question "What am I doing for that kid?" I've been blessed with so many good memories that it's cool to think that I could do something to help make a memory for someone else. 

Lately I've been struggling with the idea how one person can make a difference since so many people are creative nowadays, but when you look at a movie it takes so manny people to make it to do a really good job.

Tell me about Beat the World. 

Beat the World is a music platform that helps stop injustice. It's a place where people can buy and donate music and all the money goes to the cause. It's different from a benefit album because this never stops. People can constantly donate and buy new music. I just wanted it to be sort of interactive where everyone can be a part of it. There's places where indie artist can connect and make music, but there's also space for more well known artists to raise money by anyone or their fans buying the music. Check it out! 

How did you get artists like Boondoc, Catacombkid & Courtland Urbano on board? 
Basically I started sending out emails to artists I like to get something going. Most people did not get back to me, but some did. I wanted to get people with unique sound (sort of electronic mixed with hip-hop) involved so music lovers could like the actual music along with the idea. It's sort of at a stand still right now, but I do have a video idea that I'd like to get done for it soon.

Why did you start this movement? 

It was just a cause I wanted to help with, but I think to really help with different causes. I need to get active and out in the real world. Donating money is cool, but sometimes it takes more than that.

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