Thursday, October 18, 2012

Staying Hyped with HypeForever's Ms. Alexis Seeney

My name is Alexis Seeney and I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer..for now. The reason I say 'for now' is because I'm working on other services but I haven't perfected them enough to actually offer them. Soon I will be adding web design, motion graphics, video editing, directing, and much more to my list. My possibilities are endless and I will one day present every single one of my talents. I'm located in Durham, North Carolina and my interests are listening to good music, and chilling lol. I'm a very relaxed person and I just like to sit back in a calm environment and just...chill.

You're widely known for your art. Is there a specific reason you got into this? 
What made me start making art was when I was starting in the 6th grade, middle school, I had NO friends. All I had was my sister. I wasn't the most popular kid...I wasn't the most unpopular either --just had to point that out before you caught visuals of my childhood-- But during that time MySpace was popular, more popular than it is now at least. And during that time graphic designers were huge on mypsace. If you were a graphic designer, a good one, on MySpace you were the sh*t. Web designers too, because people wanted custom layouts. So I got into that hoping to become one of those famous MySpace folks and soon enough...I did. I did very simple things, but back then I thought I was some sort of pro. So everyday, since I had no friends, I would go to the computer lab during lunch and get on Photoshop. Which eventually led me to where I am today by being consistent in my craft, although I didn't know where it would take me. What drew me into art was that I just wanted to be considered cool somehow, someway. But I've always been an artist. I've always had that artistic mind. Seeing things different. Wondering. Thinking. Etc.

I was on your site and I kept seeing all these elaborate paintings that look like they belong in museums, but their all of rappers! Why did you choose to use your talent this way? What made me start using my talent to paint Hip-Hop artist was basically a marketing strategy that somehow turned into an interest. I paint what will get facebook likes, retweets, reblogs, etc. And soon that will lead to catching people's attention to the point where I paint random things and they'll like it, and just because It's a good design of their favorite artist that will look good on their tumblr page.

When did you start painting? 
I actually started painting about 3 weeks ago when I bought myself a Wacom Tablet. I've had a tablet before but It didn't amount to the capabilities of the Wacom Intuos. I am an artist with multiple passions, although you probably can't see it because most of my works only show a couple of different styles, I have a lot of passions. Digital Painting. Vector illustration. Photography. Motion Graphics. Fashion. Music. Sneaker design. Technology. And more. Some of my passions may seem irrelevant but it's the bits and pieces of and artist's life that you see composed into their work.

What do you hope to accomplish with your art? 
My dreams for art are to just to just be influential and make it so that people will always remember my name. My hype will last forever. One day I hope this art leads me to a presidential Rolex, white benz, and staring out of my loft in NYC. In the art world my heart truly lies in inspiration. It's one thing to create art and have people like it, but it's another to have people like it and be inspired to pursue the same dreams as mine or to pursue their dreams period, by doing what they love, and not being focused on being different but focused on doing them.

I got in contact with you because my friend turned me on to your website. Why HypeForever? 
Why HypeForever?... I ask myself that everyday. At first I thought of the name because It sounded cool, simple, logo material you know. But then as the days passed by and I was starting to get asked that question more and more, I suddenly started to think of an answer. I can't tell you much right now about the name HypeForever but It does have a bit to do with my fashion inspiration...that's not the full story though.

Oh, A cliff hanger! I like the mysteriousness of it. Thanks for the interview!

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