Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Premium Roast: A Fresh Kaufee Interview

My name is Joonbug aka Colonel Macchiato and I am the creative and owner of Fresh Kaufee. I live in Dallas, TX but I’m from a small town in Jamaica, called Harmony Vale. I am a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer with a splash of photography. I’m usually drawing but I also like riding my bicycle, single speed. 

I saw that you have gone to school for multiple things including; Graphic Design and Fashion Merchandising. Tell me a little bit about why you chose these majors. What made you want to get into this field? Graphic design was honestly chosen to make money, but going through the course, I discovered that the industry can suck the creative life out of you and I wasn’t keen on that aspect. So I chose to focus on getting the degree in order to be my own boss and ultimate creative freedom, then Fresh Kaufee came into the scene and it fit like a puzzle. I chose to pursue my MFA in Fashion Merchandise because I wanted a store for Fresh Kaufee that wasn’t like anyone else and this degree would help.

I was really digging the stuff I saw on the Fresh Kaufee site. Tell me a little about your company. 
Fresh Kaufee is more about motivating the inner creative inside all of us to “wake up” and go pursue your dream and to express yourself in whatever it is that makes you happy. It stemmed from watching so many talented individuals let their talent diminish because of obstacles or that they were too fearful of failing. I figured the magic of coffee is the caffeine property it hosts; gives you this natural energy to create. Making a long story short, I was working at McDonald’s in 2008 and after getting consecutive customers asking for fresh coffee, the snowball began rolling.

I read a little bit about the reason behind "Fresh Kaufee", but I'd love to hear the whole thing! 
All the shirts smell like coffee and…sike..I can’t give out all the secrets buddaaay! :D

Haha alright, alright. I hear you! What are your hopes for the future as far as Fresh Kaufee and your personal art career? The ultimate goal for Fresh Kaufee is my very own store and my personal career is to live comfortably off my art and travel the world to meet all my online friends, I’ve made a lot.

What’s the best reward so far from having your brand? 
Inspiring people, especially those in the younger bracket, by instilling in them the confidence that they can be successful doing what they love.

*sips coffee* 

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